Why was johnny easy to play tricks on?

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cause johnny had swag
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Easy magic tricks for kids?

There is a chocolate pull trick here is some easy steps how to do it 1. get any sort of chocolate and hide it in your sleeve (don't let a person see you getting the chocola

What are some easy ripstik tricks?

1. acid drop: Kinda like a manual off a curb. sounds hard but it's not. 2. hang 10: putting both feet on the front side of the ripstik. there's a specific footing and techniqu

How do you solve johnny whoops trick?

You solve the Johnny Whoops trick by carefully looking and the persons physical gesture when they complete it. Mimic the gesture the same way that they did. That is how you so

What is an easy card trick?

First U take 2 cards from the top of the deck and make the volunteer think that you only took the 1 from the top. Then you put it back in the pile and only take the top 1 and

What is a easy trick to multiplication?

an easy way to help you with your twelves multiplication table is to take the number your multiplying and times it by 2. example 6*12, 6*2=12 then add the number your multiply
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What is a easy coin magic trick?

First put the penny in your hand then put both elbows behind your head stick the penny your arm keep your elbow folded then show the people your fingers and your mouth then pu
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What are some easy smoking tricks?

There are many different smoking tricks to try. It all depends on the patience of the smoker. A few easy smoking tricks include the French Inhale and the Snap. The French Inha
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What are some easy tricks for bmx?

There's some really simple tricks such as bunny hopping, riding wheelie's, 180s,and 360s but those last ones take some practice but there really easy when you learn them.
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What are easy tricks?

1 would be the quarter out of your ear trick...