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Why would an office prefer to submit claims for patients instead of having the patients submit their claim forms directly to the insurance carrier?

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So that they can keep track of the payment and make sure they get paid. It's really more of a control thing and it's easier for the patient.
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Why would a dentist require a fee to submit your insurance claim?

I'm not a dentist, but have been marketing dental plans for 10 years. Here's my best guess: 1. Just like airline now charge to check a bag, expenses for dentists ( insurance

Why it is important that claims be submitted soon after patient visit?

Payment of the medical service is quicker if you bill quickly.Payment is slower when you delay billing.Billing the claim asap also allows time for taking care of any problems

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I would like to submit my resignation as manager of the corporation. He was asked to submit to a polygraph test. The Central American tribes would not submit to Spanish rule.

What is claim In adjudication?

Claims adjudication is generally a term found in insurance. It is the process in which the insurance company decides whether or not to pay out on the claim.

Male patients prefer male nurses?

The answer to this question totally depends on the patient. Some male patients feel strongly about having a male do their intimate care while other men feel just as strongly a

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(submit : to propose, to tender; passive voice is to yield or conform) The trouble with democracy is that the intelligent dissenter must still submit to the will of the uninfo