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Why would an office prefer to submit claims for patients instead of having the patients submit their claim forms directly to the insurance carrier?

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So that they can keep track of the payment and make sure they get paid. It's really more of a control thing and it's easier for the patient.
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Why would a dentist require a fee to submit your insurance claim?

I'm not a dentist, but have been marketing dental plans for 10 years. Here's my best guess: 1. Just like airline now charge to check a bag, expenses for dentists ( insurance

Why it is important that claims be submitted soon after patient visit?

Payment of the medical service is quicker if you bill quickly.Payment is slower when you delay billing.Billing the claim asap also allows time for taking care of any problems

How long do you have to submit a medical claim?

  This is dependent upon each individual health care company. Medicaid for example only allows 45 days, while BCBS and Medicare allow 12 months from date of service. Gener

If a health insurance company sends the patient a check for services that a provider submitted can the patient cash the check?

  The best way to handle this is to take the check to your doctors office along with the explanation of benefits and endorse the check to your doctor. This is money that i

What should you do if the life insurance company denied you the claim money saying the application submitted was untrue about the insured's health?

An insurance company makes a decision to issue coverage based on the answers on the application, the company's underwriting guidelines and medical information they may receive