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Teaching is a way to share what you know with other people. It also helps our futur generation be more educated. Teaching is very rewarding.
yes like that I'm a teacher it's also very very fun working with children and there is lots more reasons!!!!!
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What does montag want Faber to teach him?

He wants Faber to teach him how to understand the books.

Why would someone want to buy incense?

someone would want to buy incense because they believe gods or other religious, and maybe because of the smells.    A lot of people like to burn incense in their home to

Why would someone want to move to the northeast US?

As a Texan who plans on moving to the Northeast after i graduate college, here is why I love it:  (While there are different interpretations of the "Northeast," for this answ

Why would someone want to become a gladiator?

good food, women, and prestige if a gladiator became successful. The ultimate goal was freedom in which a gladiator would never have to fight again unless he wanted to. In thi

Why you want to become a teaching assistant?

I enjoy working with children. I am responsible and understanding person and this profession needs both of this qulities. I want to become a teacher and its eassier for me to

Why would someone want to visit Mars?

There would be many reasons, depending on the person but the most likely would probably be :- 1. Experiencing another world and wondering how different it would be. 2. To

Why would someone might want to be an astronomer?

if somebody is intrested in the galaxy and astronomy then obliviously they might want to be an astronomer!

Why would someone want a csi job?

there are many reasons why. I myself want to be one, or a forensic scientist, and I want to be one because i want to help people. I don't believe in sending someone into priso

How can you teach someone empathy?

  Empathy and compassion are very hard for an adult to learn. These are usually traits that have been instilled in us during our formative years. Compassion can be learned

Why would someone want to go to Austria for a vacation?

There is plenty to see in Austria, including the place where the lady whom the sound of music was based on lived, other historic interests. there is skiing and beautiful scene