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Teaching is a way to share what you know with other people. It also helps our futur generation be more educated. Teaching is very rewarding.
yes like that I'm a teacher it's also very very fun working with children and there is lots more reasons!!!!!
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How would you teach someone to play soccer?

you would ask them to kick the ball around. if they have a natural talent tell them to just fiddle with the ball every day and do different tricks and everything as much as yo

If someone wants to teach their pet how to do tricks where can they learn how to do this?

It depends what pet you are specifically speaking of but from my own interest if you have a budgie, then they were almost naturally born 2 be trained but if you have a cat the

How would you teach someone to breathe?

If you are talking about an adult, you probably mean "How to help someone to breath properly". Open mouth and belly out and INHALE, push the belly in and EXHALE. Better to d

How do you teach someone who always gets what they want a lesson?

  If they're always bragging about getting everything, ignore them when they're talking about it. If they are bragging then they want attention and they want people to be

Why would someone not want to be a werewolf?

Depends what kind a Lycantrop or the cursed ones because Lycantropes can change anytime or if you can't the danger will trigger it so ya its that cool An Alternative Thought

Why would someone want someone to love them?

They could want someone to love them because they could possibly want to be love. they could be lonely and having someone love them could fill the emptyness inside them. It al

Why would someone want to be a vegetarian?

People are vegetarain for many different reasons. Some reasons are religious (for example, many people in India regard the cow as sacred and thus do not eat beef, and many do
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Why would someone want to be nice?

Because nice people make other people happy. and people want to be arond nice people because nice people make them feel good. And if you want people to be nice to you you have