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Will Medicare pay for breast reduction?

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Yes, but you have to have a referral from a dr. You have to have a medical condition supporting a breast reduction. Such as back problems, indentions in the shoulders from your bra strap.
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Is a breast reduction painful?

  As with any surgery, there will be some initial pain and then some discomfort for sometime after that. However, I've heard from people who have had it done that it has r

Does anthem blue cross blue shield pay for breast reduction?

Anthem Blue cross will pay for a breast reduction ONLY if it is medically nessacary and is not pre-exisiting. It is good to get a DR. to note that it is needed in order for yo

Will Medicare cover breast reduction and lift due to back pain?

  Answer   Contact the benefits department, I know many health insurance companys have paid for this surgery, of course your physician would have to say it was not s

Is it possible to have breast implants after breast reduction?

Answer   yes it is possible to have breast implants after just having breast reduction but there are many cautions to doing that. The technique of the breast reduction wi

Will tricare pay for breast reduction?

Tricare MAY cover a breast reduction if they deem it medically necessary due to medical conditions such as neck and back pain, rashes, shoulder grooves, numbness, etc. You mus

Can you breast feed after a breast reduction surgery?

You can , but if you have not had your surgery yet, please let your surgeon know that you would like to nurse a baby at some point. That way the surgeon can take extra care to

Will medicare pay for breast implant rupture removal?

Medicare will only pay for removal of ruptured breast implants if a  doctor determines it medically necessary due to health  complications brought on because of the rupture

How do you get blue cross blue shield to pay for a breast reduction?

If breast reduction is a specific exclusion on your particular plan you probably cannot get them to pay for it. If it is not a specific exclusion on your plan you will need a

Does cigna pay for breast reduction?

Well I think they do but you have to have documentation. I had cigna about 3 years ago and tried to get a breast reduction... I was a size 42 J (now a 44K) and they denied me

Does Medicare pay back pay?

Medicare is a public health insurance program; it does not pay beneficiaries.   [per Medicare.gov]        "Your Initial Enrollment Period starts 3 months b
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What is the cost of breast reduction?

The cost of breast reduction could range from $1000 and up. The cost will vary greatly depending on each individuals unique case and risk factors. The cost will also vary on h
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Did maria molina have breast reduction?

Maria Molina does not report having a breast reduction. She did  claim that she has lost weight, however. This can result in losing  breast tissue over time.

Did Amelia Earhart have breast reduction?

Not that was ever acknnowledged in any of the biographies.