Will the US ever use the atomic bomb again?

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How many atomic bombs did the US have?

In August 1945 the US had three (3) atomic bomb weapons. The test bomb nicknamed "the Gadget"( a FAT MAN design type) was detonated at the TRINITY test site at Alamogordo Air Base , NM on 16 July 1945 (blast yield of 18.6 kilotons). Two weapons, code named for the types of bomb designs and not t (MORE)

Why were the atomic bombs used on japan?

The US leaders were hoping and praying the Japanese would finally surrender so they would not have to invade Japan. They were trying to prevent the deaths of millions of Japanese, Allied Force warriors including Russian Red Army soldiers. The Japanese Military was not willing to surrender. to def (MORE)

Who did they use the atomic bomb against?

Against the Axis powers, of which Japan was part of. (The Bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan).\nThe emperor of Japan at the time was Hirohito, and Hitler was in control of Germany and Europe.

Why was the atom used in the atomic bomb?

because atom, when split become highly unstable, and in whats called nuclear fission, atoms are divided inot smaller ones, and that on a large scale is devestating.

What was the reason for using the atomic bomb?

The reason why the US used the atomic bomb against Japan was that the US wished to bring the war to a more rapid conclusion, in order to avoid giving the Soviet Union the opportunity to invade and take over Japan, as the Soviet Union had already done in Eastern Europe as a by-product of their fight (MORE)

Why did they stop using atomic bombs?

If you are referring to WW2, then the US stopped using atomic bombs on Japan because Japan agreed to surrender . Had they not, the US had plans and production setup to drop a total of 23 atomic bombs on Japan in 1945.

Where was the first atomic bomb used?

In the history of warfare, only two nuclear weapons have been detonated offensively. The first was at Hiroshima, Japan, and the second was at Nagasaki, Japan. The weapons, the Little Boy and the Fat Man respectively, were dropped by the U.S. There was one nuclear test, the so-called Trinity tes (MORE)

Why did the US drop an atom bomb?

STATEMENT BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES Sixteen hours ago an American airplane dropped one bomb onHiroshima and destroyed its usefulness to the enemy. That bomb had more power than 20,000 tons of TNT . It had morethan two thousand times the blast power of the British "Grand Slam"which is t (MORE)

Atomic bomb was used where at in the world.?

The atomic bomb has been tested in many parts of the world but it was used as a weapon in World War II when one each was dropped on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan.

Why did us make the atomic bomb?

Fear that Nazi Germany would make one first and win WW2 using it. It was not until after the end of the war that it was discovered that the German nuclear program was only a very low priority program directed mostly at reactor development.

What bombs were used before atomic bomb?

Before the very scientifically complex atomic bomb, other bombs are just basically tons of explosive stuff jammed into a bombshell, so it wasn't too advanced there.

Why did the Americans have to use the atomic bombs?

The stated reason is "to save American lives by ending the war sooner." The real reason is to see what would happen. They could have detonated an atomic device out to sea, near enough to blow Japan's mind without blowing up so many thousands of Japan's civilians. But curiosity overrode any humane qu (MORE)

What are the chemicals used in a atomic bomb?

Special Nuclear Materials (Uranium and/or Plutonium) . Protective Coating for Special Nuclear Materials to prevent oxidation (Nickel) . Fusion Fuels (Deuterium and/or Tritium or Lithium-Deuteride) . Conventional Explosives (PBX, TATB, IMX, etc.) . Exploding Wire Detonators (Metal Wire and fast C (MORE)

Why did the US make the atomic bomb?

To defend against the possibility of a Nazi atomic bomb, which ifGermany succeeded in making it Hitler would order it used againstBritain to force them to surrender. It was hoped the US mightcomplete the atomic bomb first, but if not then shortly after sothat Germany might also be attacked with them (MORE)

When did the US use the atomic bomb?

On August 6, 1945, the first Atomic bomb was dropped on japan.Another was dropped on August 9,1945 which ended WWII. Those arethe only times in the history of warfare that an Atomic weapon wasused.

Why did the us use the atom bomb?

The decision to use the atomic bomb was made by President Truman. There was never any doubt of that and despite the rising tide of criticism Mr. Truman took full responsibility for his action. Only recently succeeded to the Presidency after the death of Roosevelt and beset by a multitude of problems (MORE)

Why does the US use the atomic bomb?

When the atomic bomb was finished, Leo Szilard, a scientist in on the Manhattan Project (the Manhattan Project was the code name for the project to build and develop the atomic bomb), made a petition urging the President not to resort the use of atomic bombs in the war unless the news of the bomb ha (MORE)

How does us used atomic bombs?

The only time the US ever used Atomic Bombs was during World War 2 when the first atomic bombs were used. Nowadays, the atomic bombs are kept underground. Nuclear missiles are ready to use in the case of a nuclear warhead being launched at the US by an enemy or unknown foe. There have been thousands (MORE)

Why did the US use the atomic bombs?

The United States was faced with the daunting prospect of invading Japan in order to force a close to World War 2. The Japanese had already shown a willingness to go to incredible lengths to continue the war and to cause destruction to their enemies. The fierce fighting for islands near the Japanese (MORE)

Why is the atomic bomb not something to be used?

because it will blow your brains out. dude! Science Major: This is just a matter of opinion, but I would say because it killed thousands of innocent people who probably had nothing to do with WWII, and caused massive amounts of destruction.

Why people used atomic bombs?

WWII was a very difficult time; Americans and Australian's were badly mistreated, used as slaves (having to build the 'Death Railway' which the Japanese needed to transport supplies is a good example) and Stalags were not places that you could feel safe from being away from the Russian Front. Infact (MORE)

What use is the atom bomb to the US?

-Reasons to use the Atomic Bomb. Saves lives Saves money Saves time Revenge of Pearl Harbor Keep Russians out of Japan, preventing them from getting Manchuria.

What do you use to build an atomic bomb?

Materials Needed Materials needed to make an atomic bomb are: fissionable material (Plutonium239 isotope) explosive to start the nuclear chain reaction (TNT, Gelignite or semtex) detonator pusher (made from aluminium, beryllium)

Why is an atomic bomb useful?

The atomic bomb is the most powerful and most terrible weapon. With all the atomic weapons in the world, it's possible to destroy the world three times Uses: The radioactive radiation contaminated the city with a strong radiation. This radiation kills several people. The detonation whirl up a lo (MORE)

Will they use the atomic bomb again?

maybe but i think they won't because they have to waste about 2million dollars. on the other hand, maybe they will if there'sanother invasion so we really don't know.

Was the atomic bomb invented in US?

Yes. The theory for an atomic bomb was actually proposed by German scientist, Albert Einstein. Robert Oppenheimer led research and development under Manhatten Project . No, the atomic bomb was invented in London England by the Hungarian scientist, Leo Szilard in 1933 as an improved method of tra (MORE)

How may atomic bombs did the us have?

As of August 9, 1945 the US had built a total of 3 atomic bombs and exploded all of them. . As of August 14, 1945 the US had built another bomb which arrived in San Francisco on August 18, 1945; but as Japan was surrendering this bomb was returned to Los Alamos unused. . The US had production plan (MORE)

Was the atomic bomb ever used after world war 2?

There have not been any attacks using atomic bombs or missiles since World War II (as of today, May 4th, 2011). There have however, been many nuclear weapons tests - where controlled explosions have been conducted. Most of these have occurred underground to reduce nuclear fallout.

When did the US get the idea of the atomic bomb?

Further to previous answer,yes Germany & Jaapan were working onit, but it was actually BRITAIN who passed on the research done in 1940 to USA . Called "The Manhattan Project" Britain handed over to the USA in 1941 when they came on side in WW2.The work was carried out by US physicist Oppenheimer at (MORE)

Why was the atom bomb used on Japan?

Because the invasion of Japan would have been too costly in terms of human life, and the U.S wanted to see the power of the atomic bomb, that's why he dropped the bomb on a city that wasn't touched by previous bombing.

When did the US get hit by the atomic bomb?

The US has never been attacked with nuclear weapons. Only 2 nuclear weapons have ever been used in war- both were dropped on Japan by the US, and ended WW 2. . The US hit itself with plenty in the years of atmospheric nuclear testing from 1945 to 1962. Nevada Test Site shots alone deposited fal (MORE)

How did the us build the atom bomb?

Had we not developed the atom bomb, someone else would have. It's only natural for mankind to exploit our technology, and we were way ahead of the rest of the world. The atom bomb saved maybe a million lives in the Pacific War. Had it not been used there, it would have been used later by us, or the (MORE)

Why is uranium used in atomic bomb?

Little boy, the bomb dropped over Hiroshima had uranium as fuel but the other one dropped over Nagasaki was a implosion type plutonium bomb.

What elements does the atomic bomb use?

There are many different elements involved in the construction of an atomic bomb, but the elements that actually cause an atomic explosion are either uranium (specifically the U 235 isotope) or plutonium.

Is a country ever justified to use a atom bomb?

I believe the use of atom bombs on Japan at the end of WW2 was a justified use. But no similar situation has occurred since, nor is it likely that any circumstances would occur in the foreseeable future in which their use would again be justifiable. However one cannot fully predict future circumstan (MORE)

What is the uses of atomic bomb?

weapon . construction explosive, project plowshare . mining explosive, project plowshare . spaceship propulsion, project orion . etc.

Where was the atomic bomb symbol used?

The nuclear bombs used in Japan in the end World Two, were dropped with the warning written in pamphlets dropped days before. The symbol for nuclear danger is a yellow and black which everybody seems to know. It is even in hospitals. Nuclear power plants providing electricity are full of them. One (MORE)

What was the atomic bomb used for when invented?

when leo szilard invented the neutron chain reaction in 1933 it was used for nothing as it could not yet be built. his 1934 patent on it suggests using it as a more efficient way to transmute elements , other possible uses mentioned were atomic bombs and power reactors . . it was not until 12 (MORE)