Will there be a world of star craft?

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On my thought threre will be World of Starcraft because as I have played Halo or any other game that involeves space. Blizzard will have to use work quite a bit and i bet it wont be in next couple of years even if it does come out. My answear is yes on my knowledge.
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How do you hack star craft?

You can't hack it but there are some cheats. Show me the money. This is a mineral cheat Operation cwal. This is a producing cheat. There is no cow level. This is a just winnin

What is the strongest force of star craft?

None they each have different stratigies to victtiory so none are better than the others i personally like zerg on some maps better than others so it just depends in the map

Will there be a Star-craft 2?

there will be three games the skimishes will be the same but the campaign will be different The Wings of Liberty The Heart of the Swarm The Legacy of the Void

What are the cheat codes to star craft?

Cheat codes to starcraft are; Operation cwal- speeds up production Black sheep wall- Shows the whole map show me the money- gives you 10,000 minerals and gas power overwhelmin

Is star craft 2 an RPG?

No, its a real time strategy (RTS) like warcraft, age of empires or dawn of war.
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What is star craft 2?

Star craft two is the next game in the Star craft series.