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Wiring diagram for 68 Oldsmobile 455 rocket engine?

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Here are links to a 1968 Olds Cutlass chassis wiring diagram


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What are the torque specifications for a 1979 Pontiac 455 rocket engine?

Answer . \nIn 1979 Pontiac did not make available any 455 (cubic inch) engine. The largest available was a 400 4bbl in the Pontiac Trans Am (220 net horsepower). Also th

Can a 72 Oldsmobile 455 and the Oldsmobile transmission fit into a 68 Pontiac tempest?

Yes, but you must use the olds motor mounts. They are a 2-piece unit. The half that bolts to the block can be purchased new. the half that bolts to the frame is a little more

1972 455 rocket engine?

I am not sure what your question is but the term rocket really has no meaning in relation to any specific olds v8-it just means that it is not a flathead motor. olds and Cadil