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Wiring diagram for 68 Oldsmobile 455 rocket engine?

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Here are links to a 1968 Olds Cutlass chassis wiring diagram


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What is the correct dwell setting for a 1968 Oldsmobile Toronado with a 455 engine?

I'm pretty sure that all General Motors V8 engines use the same dwell setting. Most likely you have a distributor with the little pull up door and points with the Allen screw

1972 455 rocket engine?

I am not sure what your question is but the term rocket really has no meaning in relation to any specific olds v8-it just means that it is not a flathead motor. olds and Cadil

What is the horsepower specification for a 1973 Oldsmobile's 455 rocket engine?

  The bhp of the 455 olds in 1973 was 225 in delta wagons, delta 88, and olds 98-bhp for toronado was 250 and this engine was optional in cutlass-compression ratio was 8 t

Horsepower does motor 455 Oldsmobile have?

Varies depending on year engine was built, as well as compression ratio. The most powerful factory 455 was installed in the 1970 Toronado (W30?) and is quite rare--that engine

Can a 72 Oldsmobile 455 and the Oldsmobile transmission fit into a 68 Pontiac tempest?

  Yes, but you must use the olds motor mounts. They are a 2-piece unit. The half that bolts to the block can be purchased new. the half that bolts to the frame is a little

How do tell the year of a 455 rocket engine?

This size motor was manufactured from 1968 - 1976. In order to find the exact year there should be a number 1 high casting on the bottom left corner of the block.

Where can you get a 455 olds engine alternator wiring diagram?

You can get a wiring diagram for your Oldsmobile 455 cubic inch  engine alternator at most auto-parts stores. Oldsmobile service  manuals will have the engine alternator wir