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With 15 HP electricity power how much of a capacitor bank can be used?

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Answer This question makes no sense. Please clarify and check your terminology.

With 15 HP of power it would be worth having a capacitor bank to correct the power factor if:

(i) your load contains a large percentage of appliances with a poor power factor e.g. induction motors


(ii) your power company is loading the charge for your kWh usage because of your poor power factor.

If those two items don't apply to you, it isn't worth it.
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Does a capacitor reduce electricity?

It stores electricity, so no, it does not reduce electricity. Capacitors can be used for "power factor correction". Essentially there are two types of electrical power - rea

Why is use of capacitor in power system?

A capacitor in a power system is used 1.) to increase effective power factor, and 2.) to increase stability in response to transient load changes. Since the category is Elect

What is a capacitor used for?

You use a capacitor to store electrostatic energy. You use an  inductor to store electromagnetic energy. You use a resistor to  dissipate electrical energy.

Advantages of bank capacitor?

As capacitor are needed to store energy it is necessary to increase the total capacity therefore add in parallel to increase storage. And the word BANK was used to imply just

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What is the use of a capacitor bank?

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How do you calculate kvar of capacitor bank?

Your question is rather vague. Are you asking how do you determine the reactive power of a capacitor bank necessary to improve the power factor of a load (in which case, is it

How to calculate capacitor bank for any given load?

Normal power is the multiplication of current to combination of resistive and reactive or capacitive load. From the vector sum of Apparent power minus real power we can get re

Why power factor of capacitor is leading?

In the ac waveform of a capacitor the current waveform leads the voltage waveform current is large to start until capacitor fills with it's voltage charge if that helps