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Woher hat die sturmmaske ihren namen?

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Woher hat die Sturmmaske ihren Namen? translates as where did the balaclava get its name from?

The balaclava was a knitted head covering first issued to British troops during the Crimean War (1853-1856). It was named after the nearby town of Balaclava).
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Woher kommt der name 'Big Ben'?

Big Ben is the nickname for the great 13.76-tonne bell of the clock installed at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London. The name has also extended cover the clo

Wie viele Kinder hat die Queen Elisabeth 2?

Elisabeth II (geb. am 21. April 1926 in Mayfair, London, England) und Prinz Philio (geb. am 28. Mai 1921 auf Korfu in Griechenland) haben vier (4) Kinder: Charles (geb. am 14.

Do beavers die when getting fur felt to make cowboy hat?

Yes. Beavers are considered small game. They are killed as humanely as possible. Once they're dead, they are skinned, then their hide is put into a special shredding machine t

What is the meaning of woher kommen sie in Germany?

Woher kommen sie? translates as Where are they from? Woher kommen Sie? translates as Where are you from?

What is a hat?

Something that you wear on your head for protection or fashion  purposes.

Woher bekam Exmoor seinen Namen und was bedeutet es?

Exmoor ist der Name eines Moors im Südwesten Englands. Es umfaßt Teile der Grafschaften von Somerset und Devon. Der Name Exmoor bedeutet das Moor, dem der Fluss Exe entspr

Who is the cat in the hat?

    The cat in the hat is a giant cat who wears a striped red and white hat, found in Dr. Seuss books.     Mike Myers stars in the film Cat in the Hat. He plays

Where did Mario get his hat?

Well after Mario (Jumpman) defeated Donkey Kong, Peach was so grateful she stitched him a hat. Then Jumpman changed his name to Mario. Then the Valley Of Bowser heard of the h

Are hats disrespectful?

Hats on , hats off. If you are Jewish, men should be wearing a yarmulke in Synagogue[ or all the time if thy are Orthodox ], if you are Catholic , it's hats off in church for