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  • lap
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When did swimming begin?

in a swimming pool The better answer: er.... When man fell in the water for the second time as the people that watched the first time thought they had best learn how

Words that begin with L?

Little. Lasagna. Lamp. Lamb. Leopard. Launch. Laugh. Laughter. Leach. Leather. Lots. Lost. Liver. Love. Lop. Lope. Leash

What words begin with 'L'?

Lots of lovely loud words in our language begin with L, like linger, laugh, lofty, lift, lazy...I could go on with this but I would be losing loads of time.

How did swimming begin?

Back in 1987 B.C. a little-known Neanderthal named Moog Weissmuller accidentally fell from a high cliff into a deep body of water. Upon discovering that he could not breath wh

What country did swimming begin?

i don't think there really is a country of origin for swimming. As long as humans have been in existence people have been enjoying the water. Every country has lakes and ocean
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What are nice words that begin with L?

· lovely · loyal · lawful · leading · legal · likeable · loveable · loving
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How do you begin competitive swimming at 18?

First, find a swim team to join. If you've never swum competitively, you will need to assess your skill and speed. (Even if you have poor technique or slow speed, this should
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What is a good beginning swim workout?

Start with smaller sets of short distances. If you can do a lap (2 lengths/50 yards) then try 10 laps. Find out your average time and add 10 or 15 seconds for rest. Then repea