Would Japan help the US in a war against North Korea?

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It would depend upon the policies persued by either side- Japan would seek every possible means to avoid becoming a target, and much prefers that the US persues the diplomatic route to defusing tensions with North Korea. It would be unwilling to host a US military presence, as this would most surely make it a legitimate target in the eyes of the North Korean regime- however, if Kim Jong-Un launched an attack against Japan anyway (simply due to Japan being an economically powerful capitalist country with strong economic and business ties to the United States), then the Japanese would welcome American support against North Korean aggression. Ever since WW2, Japan has been forbidden by the international community from developing an army powerful enough to take offensive action, and also from developing the atom bomb- it's military strength is confined to a defensive role only, in the event of aggressive behaviour from another country. Japanese atrocities committed during the last World War are still too fresh in people's minds for Japan to be seen sending troops or warships to attack another nation, even if it was once again the victim of a nuclear strike- it's main support of the US would be economic, logistical, and technical, although if the situation became VERY bad, then the Japanese Government may feel that it had nothing to lose by allowing US troops, aircraft and battleships to be stationed within it's territory.
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