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A Korean Civil War would pit Koreans against Koreans.


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Yes, the U.S. sided with South Korea and against North Korea

The U.S. fought on the side of South Korea, against North Korea.

Yes, North Korea is in west of North America continent.

They were "the Civil War". The North and the South were going against each other. They were fighting against slavery (the North). And the South wanted slavery.

america is allies with south korea. Because the north korea is a communist country

America would blow north korea into radiactive waste

No, there is no known war between the North Korea and south Korea, but that can change North Korea may attack the south, but South Korea is way ahead against North Korea in military technology, weapons etc.

North and south of America fought. North against slavory south for it. After the Civil War and the North won we became one nation.

North and South Korea didn't agree in the same governing plan. South Korea tried to cooperate with North America but North America refused and they split. Now, North Korea plans to attack South Korea and make it into one government for themselves.

North Korea attacked South Korea in the Korean war and Korea has been separated in 2 countries from then! North Korea is a Communist, and South Korea is a anti-communist like North America.

It helped fight with South Korea against North Korea

Interestingly America fought against American. Technically however the United States of America (Union, North) fought against the Confederate States of American (Confederates, South).

No. The US leads the world in enforcing sanctions against North Korea.

yes................... Only time will tellbut my opinion is yes, knowing that North Korea just threatned to attackNorth America and that everyone is against North Korea and not putting up with crap anymore!

No their totally against each other North Korea threatens to destroy South Korea and their hard work.

If North Korea Attacks Americaor if north Korea attacks one or more of our allies thenI think America Should Throw bomb(s).and/or go to war.we Americans watch ours and our friends backs.

Nope,Not really.No country is really helping North Korea Now.North Korea is threatening war with America,Japan and south Korea.So Now alot of countries hate North Korea.Also, North Korea even took 2 girls from America and those 2 girls are now in Korea being starved and tortured By the North Koreans.This is making people in many countries mad.

If you are talking about America it is the American Civil War, but if you are talking about Korea, The Korean War

North Korea invaded South Korea.

The U.S. technically fought themselves. It was the North against the South.

The Soviet Union helped North Korea and America helped South Korea. In1950,6,25 North Korea invade the south and did the war. At 1953 North and South did suspension. It is why Korea divided.

The Korean Civil War is a major event where North Korea and South Korea battled. In the end North Korea won. The United States helped South Korea while China helped North Korea

South Korea is Americas ally, but the North isn't

South Korea, the United States, and the West

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