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Would a real narcissist tell you that you could do better than to be with them?

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Narcissists continually test their companions/mates/spouses - "If she knows my true character will she abandon me"? It would be a mistake to attribute this kind of behavior to altruistic motives. Answer From my experience with an N, they would never say that anyone is better than them. It is probably just a trick to get supply out of you, make you feel sorry for him, because believe me, they don't think anyone is better than them. Answer Yes, to manipulate you.
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Would a Narcissist ex-partner chase you after you tell them you have someone else?

Yes,In all probability he would. But then it also depends as to what kind of a person he was. But then, why do you want to tell him that you have someone else? You are no more

What would a narcissist say to one if you tell them that you only want a casual relationship with them?

Most likely they wouldn't want a relationship with you if they couldn't benefit from it whether casual or not. If they feel they can benefit and manipulate you out of somethin

Is it better for a narcissist to have a narcissist partner?

    They need someone who is as focused on them as they are on themselves. So they'd be better off with someone with really low self esteem, or just someone who is a

If your narcissist partner was unfaithfull to you would he tell you?

No chance, he will lie and lie and even if you can prove it will turn it round that you are going nuts and seeing things, but confess, no chance.   If he or she is and you

Can a narcissist get better?

The outlook is bleak for recovery. A Narcissists grandiosity can be confronted in small windows of crisis such as Divorce or Bankruptcy. In that small frame of time a Narcissi

How can you tell if you are a narcissist?

Its not easy especially if one of your parents is a narcissist and you emulated them as a child. Its best not to self diagnose yourself as tempting as it may be. It is better

Why would a narcissist tell me that I was right to be suspicious and right to let-go?

Being sarcastic, basically, they know when someone is onto them, there's ALWAYS a feeling of something not being "quite right" with an N. I experienced it from DAY 1 but the p

Why would as narcissist marry a narcissist?

  This is not only very unlikely, but could have some very violent results. Abusers usually stay away from other abusers, as they are difficult to control. The abuser may

How will a narcissist respond to you telling him he is a narcissist?

They would probably not like to hear it, and would most likely deny  it.    ANSWER:    They will most likely 'gaslight', by which I mean they will tell  you yo

How do you tell if you are narcissistic?

Compare yourself to this list:   DSM IV-TR criteria   A pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration, and lack of empathy, beginnin

Should you tell a narcissist he is a narcissist?

There are different ways to approach this issue depending on the circumstances. here are some suggestions: You may want to do that. But if you don't like how the person's acti

Is real Madrid better than Barcelona?

real Madrid is much better than Barcelona because real Madrid  scored more goals through out the season and has much stronger  players in the team such as Cristiano ronaldo,
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How can you tell if you are narcissist?

  If you really love yourself, you may be one. If you put your needs above the needs of others, you are one. If the smartest person in the room is you, you may be one. If

If you are a player and a somatic narcissist is about to devalue you and you tell them to go to hell what would be the response?

They would probably become enraged that you confronted them and devalue you again. Maybe you could try disarming the devaluing so it has no power. If they say you have never a