You are currently in US on H1B and your sister files for your green card Can you stay in US until you get your green card?

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If you have a US green card how long can you stay outside of the country?

Assuming you do not apply for a reentry permit before you leave,the maximum stay is 1 year. If you apply for a reentry permitbefore you leave, the maximum stay is 2 years. If

Can you stay in the US and work on an expired green card?

YES Although the card has expired your immigration status remains unchanged and it's a simple matter to complete the USCIS I-90 form (and pay the fee) to renew it. I-9 ver

If you have a US green card how long can you stay?

Having a Green card entitles a person the status of a permanent resident. This means that the green card holder can live and work in the US permanently. The permanent residenc

You have green card How long you can stay in US?

If you are a conditional resident 90 days before it expires you need to adjust status and get the green card with 10 years validity. Permanent lawful resident can stay as long

How long a green card holder can stay outside of US?

Green card holders can travel abroad for a maximum period of 180 days on each trip. If you need to stay outside longer for employment or religious purposes you should apply fo

How long can you stay in the US with a green card?

The green card which is got as a result of marriage to a green card holder is the conditional one and valid for 2 years. 90 days before it expires the Form I-485 should be use

Can you stay 12th month outside of US with green card?

Yes provided you had applied for reentry permit before leaving US using Form I-131, travel document which is valid for 2 years. Also for naturalization purposes after a year a

How long you have to stay in us to become a green card holder?

It depends on how you are applying for green card. The US green card can be applied through family member, employment or marriage. A family member who is already a green card