You can say or do but you never can?

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Do you say i never have or i have never?

Either would be correct for the perfect tense (assuming that "have" here is an auxiliary and that another verb will follow, such as "I have never seen..." or "I have never for

What are the lyrics to never say never?

I never thought that I could walk through fire i never thought that i could take a burn I never had the strength to take it higher until i reached the point of no return

Is never say never a paradox?

No, it is a simple logical statement. As you will note. I haven't mentioned 'that word', and at no point in time will I ever say 'that word'. it is an instruction, albeit a h

What is the story of never say never?

the story of it really is karate kid it shows some clips of it in the song no it isn't the main story of never say never is that when you want to do something and you are re

When is never say never ending?

It doesn't. It can't. By saying "never", you've just broken the "paradox" to never say never. Thus, unless you don't ever find out what never means, making it near impossible
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When will never say never be in stores?

Its already in Stores.. well it is in Walmart.. Also its already available online i don't like Justin bieber but there is some ppl who do out there everybody has different t
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When was never say never produced?

It was produced in December'10 to January'11 and then was Released in the US and Canada on February'11.