Your association placed a lien against your home with no notice or bill statement you had sent a check and thought it was cashed?

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It is your responsibility to follow through and make sure your payment is accepted. If you have a lien against your home, a judge has determined that you owe a debt that needs to be satisfied. You could hire an attorney to help you fight this situation.
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Can you place a lien on a contractor's house who cashed your 8000 check and never did the remodel?

Answer . Probably not, but you can go after his bond. Find out what company has underwritten his performance bond and see what it will take to get payment from that route.

Can a creditor place a lien against your home in the state of Florida?

Yes. If the underlying debt results from improvement being made to your personal residence, a person/company may lien your property. Further, they may take action to foreclos

Can a Homeowners Association file a lien against you for the state of the interior of your home?

Only if the interior of your home is visible from a public area of the HOA (which I can't imagine). By the way, the HOA would not file a lien, rather a Certificate of Non Comp

How do you fight homeowners association that has placed a lien against a property?

Answer . You need to review the rules and regulations of the homeowners association. It generally has the right to record a lien against your property for non-payment of com

How does a homeowners association place a super lien against a property?

Liens are a legal specialty and best practices dictate that youwork with association counsel to file the proper lien, properly, tomaximize the association's chances that it ca
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Can a home owners association place a lien on your home for failing to follow a rule?

Your association probably cannot file a lien as a first, unannounced step, to 'get your attention' because you violated a 'rule'. Apparently you are in dispute with your c
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Can a lien be placed on your home for medical bills in North Carolina?

1. Statute of Limitations in North Carolina for Hospital Medical Bills . The Statute of Limitations on Hospital Billing Statute of Limitations in North Carolina for Hos