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Your baby is four months old And you are dying to start smoking again will this harm your baby?

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well smoking i one of the causes of SIDS if you don't know what that is, it is sudden infant death syndrome. but it unlikely for you baby to die that after he/she reaches 6 weeks old... but smoking around a four month old child could cause breathing problems and such but i shouldn't hurt if you take it outside to smoke just use hand sanitizer or something
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Can smoking harm babies?

  Yes. Babies exposed to tobacco smoke have an increase risk of cot death and are more susceptible to colds, asthma, glue ear, chest and ear infections.

Can dying your hair harm the baby?

I asked my midwife about this just after my first scan.  I was told that it's safe to dye hair all the way throughout pregnancy, however it may not have the desired colour du

Will smoking harm an unborn baby?

Smoking has harmful chemicals called nicotine and carbon monoxide. These chemicals make the mother's blood less able to carry oxygen and food to the baby. When You Smoke Duri

Smoking can harm your unborn baby?

Omg, yes. It can effect a baby very badly, in fact, it can die in your womb from smoking, drinking, etc. Please, if you are pregnant and are a smoker, I beg of you to try your

Can smoking weed harm baby?

We know that if a pregnant woman smokes tobacco there is a harmful effect on the development of the baby, since nicotine constricts blood vessels and blood flow is reduced, an
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How harmful is secondhand smoke to a baby?

Secondhand smoke is terrible for anyone, and even more so for a baby or young child. SIS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) has ties to secondhand smoke. Asthma and allergy deve