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What are the risks of walking?

Tripping and Falling. Injury. (You may step on a hazard. eg. nail) Dying. (Due to unseen events or objects that may cross your path or vice versa) Callouss. Sweaty feet., may (MORE)
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What is risk situation?

Risk situation: Risk: Risk is the measure of the effect of an event, such as that of an effect taking place at a given level of exposure. Although the term "risk" is gene (MORE)

What is consumer risk and what is producer risk?

Consumer risk is the probability that a product will be manufactured that is defective and shipped to the customer. A person with a customer-only focus will typically want to (MORE)
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What is a risk situation?

A risk situation is a dangerous situation. The risk is the inherent  dangers associated with an outcome. Situation is defined as the set  of circumstances that one can find (MORE)
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What is ergonomic risk?

it's really easy a ergonimic risk is a risk that study or trate to explicate anything for example,, if we are working for a company the ergonomic risk can be 1. the work's t (MORE)

Who invented risk?

every word we know goes back to the ancient times. it were said that risk was possibly in pandoras box or jar which is actually a pithos. but a risk has always been with us an (MORE)