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List of winners of American Idol?

The winners of Ameican Idol are :   Season 1 (2002): Kelly Clarkson   Season 2 (2003): Rubin Studderd   Season 3 (2004): Fantasia Barrino   Season 4 (2005): Ca (MORE)

What prizes do American Idol get?

The get no actual prizes because of the kind of contest it is. The winner receives a record deal with a major label, which may be for up to six albums, and secures a managemen (MORE)

What is American Idol?

American Idol (started in 2002) is a TV contest program that seeks to discover the best amateur singer in the country through a series of nationwide auditions. The outcomes of (MORE)

Who are the finalists in American Idol 2010?

The top 12 contestants were Lacey Brown, Paige Miles, Didi Benami, Tim Urban, Michael Lynch, Andrew Garcia, Katie Stevens, Lee Dewyze, Siobhan Magnus, Aaron Kelly, and Crystal (MORE)

Where are all the American Idol winners from?

Kelly Clarkson- Burleson, Texas Ruben Studdard- Birmingham, Alabama Fantasia Barrino- High Point, North Carolina Carrie Underwood- Checotah, Oklahoma Taylor Hicks- Birmingham, (MORE)

Stars who sang on American Idol?

the stars who sang on American idol for the tenth season and were in the top 13 were Ashton Jones,Casey Abrams,Thia Megia,Naima Adedapo,Karen Rodriguez,James Durbin,Paul McDon (MORE)