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What are analogies for flagellum?

The flagellum is like a think "whip-like" structure that is attached t o the cell and helps it to propel and move. It could be like motor of a boat bc. that's how the boat mov (MORE)

What is a analogy?

An analogy is a sentence used to compare to entities. Analogies are  useful in teaching critical thinking and the ability to identify  complex relationships. For these reaso (MORE)
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What are analogies?

They all take similar form: RAIN is to COAT as ____ is to SUIT. Think of a relationship between two things, any two things at all, as long as they have a relationship. The r (MORE)

What is a analoge?

Analog is a person or a thing that is comparable to someone or  something else. It is often found when dealing with electronics.

What is analog input and analog output?

Connections that are not made to handle digital signals. Generally speaking an analog device will not be as good as one made for digital signals.
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What is the analogy for wasp?

I believe you mean "Acronym" - WASP stands for White Anglo Saxon Protestant. " White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, commonly abbreviated to the acronym WASP, is a sociological and cu (MORE)
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How can analogies help you?

They can help you to explain relationships in ways that are hard to explain in words.
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What is the analogy for I ME?

One possibility would be I is to me as we is to us--subject pronouns compared to object pronouns.
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