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Who is the competition of Boeing?

  Airbus is by far Boeing's biggest arch rival, and has been for several years. Other less worrying competition does also exist, though: Sukhoi (Chinese), Embraer (Brazil) (MORE)
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Where is Boeing made?

Mostly in the area surrounding Seattle, Washington. For the new Dreamliner 787, parts are also being made in Japan and Italy as well as Wichita, Kansas.
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Which better Boeing 747 or Boeing 777?

It really depends on what you're looking for. The Boeing 747 has a large seating capacity, it is comfortable, stable, and great for long range flights. The Boeing 777 is popul (MORE)

What is a Boeing 753?

The Boeing 753 refers to a Boeing 757-300 series. Boeing categorise their aircraft in terms of age where the 100, 200 and 300 series are the initial releases and the 600, 700 (MORE)
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Who Invented Boeing?

no one invented Boeing, it is a company that was started by William Boeing, and today is one of the largest, if not largest aircraft manufacturer.

When was Boeing founded?

In 1916, Boeing went into business with George Conrad Westervelt asB & W and founded the Pacific Aero Products Co. When America entered the First World War in April 1917, Boei (MORE)
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What is a Boeing 707?

The Boeing 707 was a single-aisled four-engined jet aircraft manufactured by Boeing between 1958 and 1978. It was one of the aircraft that started the Jet Age in passenger air (MORE)

Who is Joe Boe?

Joe Boe is a comical character in a series of graphic novels. This spiked haired figure of lines is amusing to others. His creator Nathan Nall often is making these crazy comi (MORE)

How did Boeing get its name?

It was founded by William Boeing. He was born in the US and named  for his father, a wealthy Swiss engineer who Americanized his name  from Wilhelm Böing after emigrating. (MORE)