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What is in Botswana?

Botswana is a country located in southern Africa. Formerly a  British protectorate called Bechuanaland, which gained independence  in 1966. It lies just north of South Afric (MORE)

Where is stig in botswana?

find the sign that says botswana grand prix circuit then go to the left of the sign and there he is wearing a caveman suit. that's stig's African quisoin the real stig is hi (MORE)

Is Botswana over or under populated?

Botswana is under populated. It is the size of Texas USA ,but only has a population of 2million people according to the September 2011 census.
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What is the economic system of Botswana?

Short answer: Botswana is a mostly free-market system, with heavy government involvement in the diamond mining market. Most of Botswana's GDP comes from extraction of resource (MORE)

What is required to get a youth grant in botswana?

Things that are required to get a youth grant in Botswana are a  certified copy of Omang, a certificate of incooperation and  resolution of share holders
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What is the zip code for Botswana?

00267. Botswana, or the Republic of Batswana, is a country in  southern Africa. It is bordered by South Africa, Zimbabwe, and  Namibia.
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What currency does Botswana use?

the botswana pula, or simply pula meaning rain. It uses the letter P to precede the amount, e.g P200 will mean 200 pula (take note that pula is never pluralized hence 200 pula (MORE)