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What is in Botswana?

Botswana is a country located in southern Africa. Formerly a  British protectorate called Bechuanaland, which gained independence  in 1966. It lies just north of South Afric (MORE)

Where is stig in botswana?

find the sign that says botswana grand prix circuit then go to the left of the sign and there he is wearing a caveman suit. that's stig's African quisoin the real stig is hi (MORE)

Who is the President of Botswana?

Lt General Khama Ian Khama is the current President of Botswana. He was not elected to the position, but he automatically succeeded President Festus Mogae on 2008 April 1.
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Is Botswana a part of South Africa?

No Botswana is not part of South Africa.It is a country on its own independently. ________________________________ No, but Botswana is in southern Africa. South Africa is shor (MORE)

What are tribes in are in botswana?

Botswana like many countries of the world has many ethnics groups or tribes, be it Chinese, Indian, American but they are very minimal. Listed below are tribes which are major (MORE)

Is Botswana worth visiting?

Yes it is worth visiting. If you are interested in Safari, they have plenty. They also have the largest inland delta, Okavango delta and it is so beautiful. I was there last s (MORE)