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What is value of Buddy Holly autograph?

  Quite a bit depends on whether or not the signature has been authenticated by a reputable agency as well as exactly what has been signed by Buddy Holly. If the signature (MORE)

Why did Buddy Holly become famous?

People liked his music, came to his shows, and bought his records. He first came to wide attention when he opened for Elvis Presley in Lubbock, Holly's hometown. It's document (MORE)

Who was buddy holly and what did he do?

Buddy Holly is a singer, song writer and musician who was well known in the 1950s. He was famous for wearing certain glasses. He made 3 albums called 'the chirping Crickets, ( (MORE)

Who was Buddy Holly?

Buddy Holly was a prominent figure in early rock and roll, famous for his hiccuppy vocals.
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