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Did Calvin Coolidge have children?

Coolidge and his wife Grace Goodhue Coolidge had two sons. Calvin,  Jr. died at age 16 from an infection in his foot that he got from a  blister.    John Coolidge (Sep (MORE)

Where did Calvin Coolidge go to school?

His High School was the Black River Academy close to Ludlow,  Vermont but spent his last bit of High School at St. Johnsbury  Academy in St. Johnsbury, Vermont due to their (MORE)

What are facts about Calvin Coolidge?

Calvin Coolidge was born on the 4th of July. President Coolidge was a skilled and effective public speaker holding over 500 press conferences (a record at the time), yet his (MORE)

What did Calvin Coolidge do for fun?

He mostly liked to take walks around town and window shop.. He liked to fish and enjoyed skeet shooting. As a boy and young man he liked to ride horses. While in the White Hou (MORE)

What degree did Calvin Coolidge obtain?

Coolidge earned a bachelor's degree at Amherst college. I would guess that is was an AB ( artium baccalaureus ) .
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How did Calvin Coolidge travel?

I am not sure what you want to know and what period of his life you are asking about. By the time he was President, cars were common. Horses were being phased out. There was a (MORE)