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Where are the Cape Verde airports?

There are four international airports in Cape Verde: One in Praia, Santiago; another on Mindelo, São Vincente; another in Rabil, Boa Vista; And Another, (the oldest one) on E (MORE)

What monkeys are in Cape Verde?

The only species of monkeys that lives on Cape Verde is the green  monkey. However like all wildlife in Cape Verde the green monkey is  not native. It was brought from mainl (MORE)

How hot is cape verde in February?

The temperatures in Cape Verde varies from island to island (there are ten islands in Cape Verde) but generally the temperatures average around 25 degrees in February. Cape Ve (MORE)

Where is Cape Verde?

Cape Verde is an archipelago of islands located West of Africa. It is next to Senagal and Gambia. It has become a big tourist atrraction over the last 5-10 years. The previou (MORE)
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