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What pattern of inheritance would lead a geneticist to suspect that an inherited disorder of cell metabolism is due to a defective mitochondrial gene?

The disorder would always be inherited from the mother because the mother's mitochondrial gene is the only one that survives when the zygote is formed. The gamete from the mot (MORE)

What is metabolism?

Answer   The Scientific definition of metabolism is the rate in which the body makes or breaks chemical bonds.   Metabolism is the rate in which one's body burns off a (MORE)
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What is red cell metabolism?

cells need oxygen and a food supply to servive and once used up they die
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What is the byproduct of cell metabolism?

Cells mostly metabolize sugars, fats, and protiens into energy and  other useful compounds. Carbon dioxide, water, heat, and urea, are  formed as the principal byproducts of (MORE)