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Is Charlie Sheen mother Jewish?

Charlie Sheen's mother Janet Templeton is not Jewish.   She was born into a Baptist family.   Charlie Sheen made up a rumour that she was Jewish because he  called th (MORE)

Did Charlie Sheen go to college?

No, Charlie Sheen did not go to college. In fact, he did not even graduate from high school. A few weeks before Sheen was to graduate from Santa Monica High School, he was exp (MORE)

Are Michael Sheen and Charlie Sheen brothers?

  No. Michael Sheen is Welsh whilst Charlie is American. Michael's father is a part-time Jack Nicholson look-alike!
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Who is brother of Charlie Sheen?

  Charlie's younger brother is Emilio Estaves - he uses is father's birth name.   He has two brothers, Emilio and Ramon Estevez, both of whom are also actors.
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Who is Charlie Sheen?

He is an American actor who has played parts in films such as "The Wraith," "Wall Street," and "Major League."
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Who has Charlie Sheen dated?

Actor Charlie Sheen has been with many women, and married three.  Here is a comprehensive list of his girlfriends/wives:    Tamara Beckwith  Robin Wright Penn: 1981-82 (MORE)

Is Charlie sheen in young guns?

Yes he is. Most people think just his brother is in that movie, but Charlie sheen actually stars in young guns with his brother:) great movie btw ;)
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