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How can you Audition for Eastenders or Coronation street And where?

You have to be a professional actor and go along to a casting when the role of a new character is being cast. You don' have to be a professional actor/actress you just have (MORE)

What is 'Coronation Street'?

Coronation Street is a soap that is set in Manchester and is about the lives of people living in the street called 'Coronation Street'
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Why is Coronation Street called Coronation Street?

[Because the road was probably named to celebrate the coronation of Queen Victoria or a later monarch] Queen Victoria's coronation was in 1838, so presumably the name refers (MORE)

Is coronation street set in Birmingham?

Coronation Street is set in Weatherfield, which is a fictional town in the Manchester area.    Manchester is about 85 miles north of Birmingham.    The first wr (MORE)

Who dies in coronation street?

Mollie dies in the coroner shop. Ashley dies in the pub after coughing up blood from inside. John gets a hammer and whacks his Ex- partner around the head and finally more wil (MORE)

When did coronation street start on tv?

Coronation Street first started as a short TV series on 9th December 1960. After it proved to be a popular programme, it became a TV soap that has consistently been on TV for (MORE)