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Who won Dancing with the Stars 2011?

There were two seasons off Dancing With the Stars that occured in 2011. The winners of season twelve, which began on March 21, 2011, were Hines Ward (celebrity) and Kym Johsn (MORE)

Was Neil Armstrong on Dancing with the stars?

No, Buzz Aldrin was the national treasure who took to the Dance Floor on DWTS. The most famous Neil Armstrong of all is no longer with us having passed away on the 25th Augu (MORE)

What boxers have starred on Dancing with the Stars?

Laila Ali participated in season 4 of Dancing with  the Stars. Her partner was Maksim Chmerkovskiy. The came in  3rd that season.    Evander Holyfield participated in (MORE)

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Dancing with the Stars?

  Dancing with the Stars is a show which is a chance for celebrities to show what they've got in ballroom dancing with professional ballroom dancers and champions.
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