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What is a domain extension?

A domain extension is the end of a domain.. For example, in the domain [ ], "com" is the extension.
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What does the domain extension means?

Domain extensions are labeling the website according to who funds or runs it. .edu is like education, or a college/school website .com is community, or run by users .gov is ( Full Answer )
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What is a tv domain extension?

" .tv " is the ccTLD ( country code Top Level Domain ) for the islands of Tuvalu . " .tv " is an open TLD, meaning that any person or entity is permitted to register. You ( Full Answer )
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What does the domain extension co mean?

With the .com era quickly taking over the world and available domain names are hard to find by those who just buy up the .com world and resell the name for extremely higher pr ( Full Answer )
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What are the most common domain name extensions?

The domain extension dot com is the world's leading domain name extension with over 108 million registrations in total. They are followed by the dot net extension and on the t ( Full Answer )
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What do domain names extensions stand for?

.com is typically for a commercial website, .org is for nonprofit organizations, .gov is for government sites, .net is typically a privately held but usually publicly accessib ( Full Answer )