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Is Dustin Hoffman dead?

No. His most recent film appearance is in "Little Fockers" (2010), in which he co-stars again with Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro, Blythe Danner, Teri Polo and Barbra Streisand.
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What films was Dustin Hoffman nominated for an Oscar?

Nominated Oscar Best Actor in a Leading Role for: Wag the Dog (1997)Won Oscar Best Actor in a Leading Role for: Rain Man (1988)Nominated Oscar Best Actor in a Leading Role for (MORE)

How many Oscars has Dustin Hoffman won?

Dustin Hoffman has two Academy Awards, both for Best Actor. The first in 1979 for Kramer vs Kramer. The second in 1988 for Rainman. Dustin Hoffman has won two Academy Awards (MORE)
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Was the Graduate Dustin Hoffmans first movie?

No, according to IMDb he made a number of TV appearences before he appeared in The Graduate and an appearance in the role of Hap in movie The Tiger Makes Out, released in the (MORE)

What is Dustin Hoffman doing now?

Dustin is still quite active in show-biz: Kung-Fu Panda #3 is rumored to be on the way, two more films with him are in pre-production, and his 2012 audio-book recording was no (MORE)

What Oscars did Dustin Hoffman win?

Dustin Hoffman has been nominated for Academy Awards seven times, all in the Best Actor category. The roles and movies are as follows (Oscar wins in bold): Benjamin Braddock i (MORE)

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