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What is the difference between greek mythology and egyptian mythology?

There aren't a lot of similarities between the two. I will include a lot of information from my personal studies as well as some extra research did on the spot. Do not feel ob (MORE)

How was Isis represented in Egyptian mythology?

Isis was seen as the goddess of women, mothers, children, magic, medicine, and the Ritual of Life. Isis is usually seen as a beautiful woman in magnificent clothing, sometim (MORE)

How are Greek and Egyptian mythology similar?

often times, many gods from the two had similar jobs/roles, but the  god himself was very different from the other. a main difference,  though, is that egyptian mythology wa (MORE)

What is the difference between Greek and Egyptian mythology?

Greek mythology involves human-like gods and goddesses that exhibit human traits, while (normally) Egyptian mythology involves animal/human-like gods and goddesses. Not only (MORE)

In Egyptian mythology what was the Hall of Two Truths?

Duat, the court of the dead where souls were judged by a series of  gods and goddesses it is called the "hall of two truths" because if  you have a heart heavier then a feat (MORE)

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What role did raptors play in Greek and Egyptian Mythology?

Egyptian: Falcon Ra-Harakhte - the Egyptian sun god, early Egyptians believed that he created the world, and the rising sun was, for them, the symbol of creation. Horus -pa (MORE)

Who did Imsety marry in Egyptian mythology?

Imsety, a funerary deity, one of the Four sons of Horus, associated with the canopic jars, specifically the one which contained the liver. He was protected by Isis. He is no (MORE)