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What can you do in El Salvador?

There are tons of things you can do in El Salvador. If you prefer urban adventures, San Salvador won't disappoint. It's a modern, bustling city that's full of life. Restaura (MORE)

Where is El Salvador?

El Salvador is located in CENTRAL AMERICA. It's neightboring countries are as follows:. North: Honduras. South: Pacific ocean. East: Nicaragua. West: Guatemala. El Salvad (MORE)

Did el salvador belong to Mexico?

Yes, until 1823 when El Salvador as well as the rest of Central America split up and set up the Federal Republic of Central America. El Salvador never belonged to Mexico. it (MORE)

What does Salvador mean in El Salvador?

"El Salvador" means The Savior. The country was named by the Spanish after they defeated the local tribes and established a colony there. The original long name was "Provinci (MORE)

El salvador animals?

El Salvador has a wide variety of animals. Below is just a few. 420 species of birds Crested eagle Cuckoo - various varieties Hummingbirds - 17 varieties Kingfisher (MORE)

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