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Who was Emily Dickinson in love with?

Emily Dickinson had two love interests... here is a paragraph I wrote about it for a research paper, got an A! Hope I can help! :) . There have also been two possible love i (MORE)

What was Emily Dickinsons style of writing?

Emily Dickinson of Amherst, Massachusetts would write poems almost each and every day to express each and every emotion. Dickinson's style, her poems; they did not formaly fit (MORE)

What college did Emily Dickinson go to?

On September 7, 1840, Dickinson and her sister Vinnie started together at Amherst Academy, a former boys' school that had opened to female students just two years earlier.. A (MORE)

What is Emily Dickinsons famous poem?

Her most famous poem is "I am Nobody, Who are you?" Well, her poems didn't really have names, but it would come up if you searched for it because that's what it is best known (MORE)