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How did England become England?

One of the first peoples to live there were called the Angles. The  place they lived in became the 'land of Angles', or 'Angleland'.  With simplification and mispronunciatio (MORE)
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Why was England named England?

After the Romans left Britain a group of people from northern  Europe Called the Anglo Saxons Came across and settled in the  country naming it Angleland overtime this has c (MORE)
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Are England and New England the same?

No, England and New England are very different. England is a constituent country of the United Kingdom and many people think England and the United Kingdom are the same and in (MORE)

What can you do in England?

England is full of fantastic things to do, though of course tourists are advised to plan to work around the weather! Here are a few highly recommended activities: Visit Londo (MORE)

How long has England been England?

England first emerged as a unified state in the tenth century, though various rulers had claimed overlordship over the whole country since the seventh. The name derives from t (MORE)

When did England become known as England?

  England was first known as England at the time of Alfred the Great 871 AD to 924 AD. The English came to England as raiders in around 449 AD known by the Catholic Church (MORE)

Why is England called England?

Because among the tribes from Northern Europe to settle in most of Britain, the biggest group was the Angles, so they called their new home Angle-land. The country of England (MORE)