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When did England become known as England?

  England was first known as England at the time of Alfred the Great 871 AD to 924 AD. The English came to England as raiders in around 449 AD known by the Catholic Church (MORE)

Where is England?

England is a part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and  Northern Ireland, a country situated off the North West coast of  France in Europe.    Longitude: from 6 (MORE)

What can you do in England?

England is full of fantastic things to do, though of course tourists are advised to plan to work around the weather! Here are a few highly recommended activities: Visit Londo (MORE)
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What does England have?

well England has lots of places. London is the capital city and in there is the big ben, tower of London and the river temes. England is a well known country
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Where in England is the church of England located?

The Church Of England is not a place, it is a religion; It's a branch of Christianity, much the same a being a Roman Catholic or Baptist. The Church of England, was created by (MORE)

Does the England flag represent England?

The English flag (St George's Cross) represents England. The Union Flag (sometimes called the Union Jack) represents all of the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and No (MORE)