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What are many examples of euphemism?

collateral damage = innocent victims   being let go = fired   bathroom, restroom = toilet   unplanned landing = plane crash   downsizing =mass firing of employ (MORE)

What is a euphemism for stubborn?

The word "euphemism" means a polite or inoffensive term. What is sought here is a "positive connotation" as opposed to the "negative connotation" of stubborn. Positive connota (MORE)

What is a euphemism for corpse?

Euphemisms for "dead" include loved one, deceased, departed, or passed away. A corpse might be "remains" or "mortal shell".
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What is euphemisms?

A euphemism is a word you use to make something sound less offensive or bad. For example, instead of saying, "That girl is a stripper," you might say "That girl is an exotic d (MORE)

Is scent a euphemism?

A euphemism is defined mainly by its context. "Scent" can be a euphemism if the speaker really means something stronger, like "smell."
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