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What is the definition of euphemism?

Euphemism An agreeable word or expression substituted for one that is potentially offensive, often having to do with bodily functions, sex, or death; for example, rest ro (MORE)

What are euphemisms?

Euphemism is the replacing of words by inoffensive or polite substitutes. Words are referred to as euphemisms when they provide a socially or politically correct means of expr (MORE)
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What are Euphemisms for sex?

  * hide the sausage  * bury the salami  * bury the bratwurst  * carnival knowledge  * dip your wick  * horizontal folk dancing  * put Percy in the playpen  * b (MORE)

How can a sentence be a euphemism?

A sentence can be a euphemism if it expresses something that might be considered 'unpleasant' in a way that might be considered 'more pleasant'. Another way of describing this (MORE)