Euphemisms are general words or expressions that are used in place of a word or phrase that could be offensive, suggestive, explicit, or unpleasant. Many euphemisms are used in place of profanity or vulgarity.

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Euphemism using in a sentence?

Her mother had passed away due to her sickness. (In this sentence, "passed away" is a euphemism for died.)


What are some examples of euphemisms?

Euphemisms and Polite Terms

abattoir - slaughterhouse

adult beverages (beer and booze)

adult entertainment - pornography

big boned- fat

collateral damage (accidental deaths)

correctional facility - prison

custodian (janitor)

departed - deceased

developmentally challenged (disorders like autism)

differently abled (disabled or handicapped)

disabled - handicapped

domestic engineer (maid)

downsize (fire)

d-word (economic depression)

escort service (prostitution)

fender bender (auto accident)

furlough (fire)

hankie Pankie - sexual intercourse

husky (heavy)

lay-off (fire)

letting someone go (fire someone)

making love (sexual intercourse)

misinformation, untruths (lies)

nuclear deterrent (nuclear weapons)

number twos (faeces)

on the streets - homeless

overrun (higher cost than agreed)

overweight (fat)

partially proficient (unqualified, failed, or unsatisfactory)

passed away- died

pleasingly plump (overweight)

portly (fat)

powder one's nose (use restroom)

pregnancy termination (abortion)

pre-owned (used)

privates (genitals)

put to sleep (euthanise)

restroom- bathroom

sanitation engineer (garbage collector)

Scottish Play (MacBeth)

shaped (slowed internet connection speed.

sleep together (engage in sexual intercourse)

supervisor - boss

terminological inexactitude (lie)

r-word (economic recession)

under the weather (sick, ill)

undocumented worker (illegal alien)

unmotivated (lazy)

vertically-challenged (short)

A good example of a euphemism would be the use of the phrase "mobile community" instead of trailer park, or "assisted living facility" for a retirement home. generally a more pleasant name for something that might not have the best connotations.

Euphemisms are a polite way of describing something undesirable or unpleasant. Examples of euphemisms:

death = passed away or passed, departed, gone over to the other side, gone to your reward.

urinate = relieve oneself, go to the bathroom, answer nature's call.

innocent victims = collateral damage, unforeseen consequences

fired = being let go, downsized

  • getting smashed or hammered instead of 'drinking' or 'being drunk'
  • big, fluffy, full-figured or heavy-set instead of 'fat'
  • lost their lives for 'were killed'
  • wellness for benefits and treatments that tend to only be used in times of sickness
  • restroom for toilet room in American English (the word toilet was itself originally a euphemism)
  • a love of musical theatre, light in the loafers, good fashion sense or confirmed bachelor for male homosexuality
  • woman in sensible shoes for lesbian
  • acting like rabbits, making love to, getting it on, cheeky time, doing it, making the beast with two backs, or sleeping with for having sex with
  • sanitary landfill for garbage dump (and a temporary garbage dump is a transfer station), also often called a Civic Amenity in the UK
  • ill-advised for very poor or bad
  • an intestinal release of pressure for fart
  • pre-owned vehicles or even "pre-loved" for used cars
  • motivation for bribe
  • a student being held back a grade level for having failed or flunked the grade level
  • correctional facility for prison
  • peer homework help or comparing answers for cheating
  • the north of Ireland for Northern Ireland, which is seen by many Irish people as a term imposed by the British and therefore a profanity; however, saying the north of Ireland may be primarily a way of identifying oneself with the Irish Nationalist cause, rather than a euphemism
  • the big C for cancer(in addition, some people whisper the word when they say it in public, and doctors euphemistically use technical terminology when discussing cancer in front of patients, e.g., "c.a." or "neoplasia"/"neoplastic process", "carcinoma" for "tumor"); euphemisms for cancer are used even more so in the Netherlands, because the Dutch word for cancer can be used as a curse word
  • bathroom tissue, t.p., or bath tissue for toilet paper (usually used by toilet paper manufacturers)
  • custodian or caretaker for janitor (Also originally a euphemism - in Latin, it means doorman. In the British Secret Service, it may still carry the ancient meaning. It does in the novels of John le Carré.)
  • sanitation worker (or, sarcastically, sanitation officer or sanitation engineer), or garbologist, for "bin man" or garbage man
  • economically depressed neighborhood or culturally-deprived environment for ghetto or slum
  • force, police action, peace process or conflict for war
  • alcohol-related, single-car crash for drunk driver
  • mature or been around the block for old or elderly
  • haem or heme(Americanism) for blood, often used in medical settings ("severe heme loss").
  • enhanced interrogation technique for torture
  • persuasion for torture
  • take legal action for sue
  • fee for fine
  • gaming for gambling
  • specific about what one eatsfor being a picky eater
  • intellectually challengedfor being mentally retarded
  • Before that, mentally retarded for feeble minded
  • Before that, feeble mindedfor halfwit
  • adult entertainment, adult material, or erotica for pornography
  • to have been paid for 'being fired from or by one's employer'
  • to cut excesses (in a budget) for to fire employees
  • legal capital for stated capital
  • gravitationally challengedfor clumsy
  • gender reassignment for sex change
  • differently abled for disabled
  • chemical dependency for drug addiction
  • dual-diagnosed for having both mental illness and drug problems
  • co-morbidity for simultaneous existence of related mental and physical health issues (a dysphemism, perhaps...)
  • gentlemen's club for go-go bar or strip club
  • fertility center for infertility center
  • mental health center for mental illness center
  • it's snowin' down south for your slip is showing
  • vertically-challenged for short
  • feeling no pain (and dozens of others) for drunk
  • your fly is undone for your zip is down

Euphemistic word for janitor?

1) maintenance engineer.

2.) minister of maintenance.


What is the euphemism of beggar?



What is the definition of euphemism?


An agreeable word or expression substituted for one that is potentially offensive, often having to do with bodily functions, sex, or death; for example, rest room for toilet, lady of the evening for prostitute. The Nazis used euphemism in referring to their plan to murder the world's Jews as "The Final Solution."

So, for instance, when Mom tells Bobby that his dead hamster "went to sleep," that is her softer, gentler way of saying "your hamster is dead." That is a euphemism.

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Pronunciation: 'yü-f&-"mi-z&m

Function: noun

Etymology: Greek euphEmismos, from euphEmosauspicious, sounding good, from eu- + phEmEspeech,

The substitution of an agreeable or inoffensive expression for one that may offend or suggest something unpleasant; also: the expression so substituted


What is a euphemism for plumber?

Water supply technician.


What are euphemisms?

Euphemism is the replacing of words by inoffensive or polite substitutes. Words are referred to as euphemisms when they provide a socially or politically correct means of expressing a private, awkward, or controversial subject.

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Euphemism is a substitution of an agreeable word or phrase for something which would offend or something unpleasant to hear. An example of a sentence using euphemism is: He passed away. It seems less harsh than saying he died.


What is the best euphemism for liar?

A euphemism is a a mild or indirect word or expression that is used in place of a word that can sound offensive. Or the real word is stronger than it needs to be for the situation. For example, you might say "You just fibbed" to your two-year old, rather than saying "You lied!" When talking to your boss or a peer, you could say, "I believe you misspoke," rather than saying, "You lied" (which could get you fired).

Euphemism for liar:

  • Fibber
  • Mislead
  • Misspoke
  • Slanderer
  • Storyteller
  • Truthfully challenged

Euphemisms can sometimes be helpful and constructive true or false?


William Shakespeare
Julius Caesar

What are examples of euphemism in 'Julius Caesar'?

Marullus and Flavius, for pulling scarfs off Caesar's

images, are put to silence.


What is the difference between metaphor and euphemism?

A metaphor is a literary device that compares to unlike things. Example: She is the open road (Evidently, no woman is a road, but by saying a woman is a road, one can infer qualities of the woman's character. She could provide escape, adventure, or discovery.) A euphemism is a way of describing something so that it is less offensive, rude, or insensitive. Example: Instead of saying that someone has "died", one could say that someone has "passed away". This is a gentler way of saying something that could be considered harsh.


What the best euphemism for liar?

A person who needs to develop a more repectful attitude toward his or her peers. :)) i think lolz

Literary Devices and Figures of Speech

What is an example of Euphemism in figures of speech?

Adult entertainment


Ample proportions

Obese or fat

Armed intervention


Batting for the other side


Between jobs


Bun in the oven


Categorical inaccuracy


Character line


Collateral damage

Civilian casualties

Comfort women


Correctional facility


Direct mail

Junk mail



Do your business




Freedom fighters


Full bodied


Furlough employees

Fire employees

House of ill repute






Inventor leakage


Knocked up


Lose your lunch



To kill

Powder your nose

Visit the bathroom


Used or second hand


Dead body

Revenue enhancement


Shooting blanks

Low semen count

Surreptitious entry

Breaking in

Call of nature

The urge to urinate or defecate


What is a Euphemism for arrogant?

Not actually a euphemism, but a positive connotation, would be confident, proud, or "not given to false modesty".


Euphemism of broken home?

A divorce or a fall-out between family members It's an easier way to break it to younger children, who probably wouldn't understand what's going on


What are examples of euphemisms in 'Antigone'?

It is during Antigone's procession to the cave that the euphemisms, which are indirect references to upsetting matters of death, occur in "Antigone" by Sophocles (495 B.C.E. - 405 B.CE.).

Specifically, the chorus describes Theban Princess Antigone as heading towards the final "bridal chamber" where all mortals end up. Antigone explains that everyone goes to sleep in the presence of Hades the Underworld god of the afterlife. Then she observes that her wedding goes through, to the lord of the Dark Lake in the Underworld of death.


What is a euphemism for acting immature?

The term "euphemism" means a polite or inoffensive word. What is sought here is called a "positive connotation".

A positive version of "immature" could be "spirited" or "youthful exuberance".


What is a euphemism for garbage collector?

Trash man


What is the best euphemism for farmer?

Salt of the earth.


What is a euphemism for urinate?

It is important to be tactful when speaking of certain bodily functions. When speaking of urination, many people use the euphamisms leaking, voiding, peeing, and emptying the bladder.


When parents use euphemisms to name genitals they give their child the message that these parts of the body are?

shameful or embarrassing
The word you're looking for is probably taboo, or something similar. But the validity of this statement is debatable.

Some people think that by using euphemisms to describe genitals they are sending a message that somehow they are bad or are something to be ashamed of, while other people feel that using these euphemisms gives the children names for their body parts that are either cuter than the technical name, easier for the child to say, or more often it gives them a name to use so that is less socially awkward. Adults know not to yell out that their penis itches in a mall, but a small child doesn't know/understand the more intricate parts of social interaction.

Also, speaking as a doctor, most adults don't use the 'correct' terms to describe their genitals. I have very rarely heard adults use the words anus, rectum, introitus, labia, perineum, glans, corona, etc. They very often will use euphemisms like butt, dick, or other things that are more vulgar. And then even when they are using the anatomical terms, they use them incorrectly. Many adults don't even know what their glans, introitus, raphe, etc. even are, much less how to use them. So in reality, they are substituting their euphemisms for others.


What is the euphemism for slow learners?

late bloomers


What is a euphemism for telemarketer?

"lead qualification specialist"


"inside sales"


In Europe what is the euphemism name for crazy people?

You can use either "you've got a screw loose" or "you've lost your marbles."


What is a euphemism for incompetent?

Lacks the proper expertise


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