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How do you fish?

Get a fishing pole(any will do) at a local bait and tackle shop or sports shop.Depending on the fish you want heres what you need(small fish):a eagle hook or jigger and a worm (MORE)
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What does a fish do?

well that's easy get bored eat them from going fishing or stores watchem swim feed the 1 a week or 1 every 2 weeks
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A fish is a?

A fish is a animal that lives in the sea or in a fish tank and just swims around all day
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How do fish?

\n What exactly are you asking? How to fish or How do fish do something?

How do you get fish?

If you are looking into having fish at home, you can buy full aquarium kits at your local pet stores, and then choose fish that are best suited for your tank.
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What fish do you have?

Far too many species to list here. But I specialise in fish from the Amazon and its tributaries. Discus are my main interest.

What do I do with my fish?

Link below has items that can be also used for bettas. Also try handfeeding them, its fun and they gain trust in you. Also try rearranging their tank decor.

How do you get the fish?

You can catch Mullet by: When you see him getting closer save one of your normal fish and don't put it away when he comes fully on your screen hold it in front of him and he w (MORE)