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What actor has the most Golden Globes?

Meryl Streep has won the most Golden Globes with a total of eight.    If you include honorary awards, (Henrietta Award, World Film  Favorite Actor/Actress Award, or Ce (MORE)
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What is the difference between a Golden Globe an Oscar and a SAG?

The primary difference between the Golden Globe Award, the Academy Award (Oscar) and the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) award is the group that is presenting the award. All three a (MORE)
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Who won an Emmy a Grammy an Oscar a Tony and a Golden Globe?

The Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Awards are considered the four major entertainment awards in American show business. Presented annually, the awards honor outstanding achievem (MORE)

Who is the youngest Golden Globe winner?

I can't really tell you an accurate answer.. but Chris Colfer just won one at the age of 20, and that's very young for one of those; however, I don't know if he's the youngest (MORE)
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Who was the first African American to win a Golden Globe Award?

The first African American to win a Golden Globe Award was Sidney  Poitier. He won it in 1964 for his performance in 'Lilies of the  Field.'
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What are the Golden Globe categories?

here are all of the categories!- Motion picture awards Best Motion Picture - Drama Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy Best Director Best Actor - Motion Picture Drama Best (MORE)