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Where can you get green tea?

Most supermarkets sell a few green teas in tea bags. However, the best green teas are only available in loose leaf form. If you're lucky enough to live near a specialty tea st (MORE)

Which is better Green tea or White Tea?

It's a taste preference, everybody is different. White is tea going to taste light and traditional. If you have fruity white teas it won't be overwhelming. Green teas are goin (MORE)

Does green tea and jasmine tea have caffeine?

Yes. Unless specifically stated on the package, ALL white, green, red, oolong, black, scented and blended teas contain caffeine. The only teas that do not have caffeine in (MORE)

Is green tea the healthiest tea?

Yes. Green tea is the healthiest tea. Both black and Green tea are made from the same tea plant-camellia sinensis. But unlike black tea which is fermented, Green is steamed. (MORE)

Where can you get green tea from?

Most grocery stores sell green tea. Also, vitamin stores. You can even buy it online.
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Is green tea considered a slimming tea?

Green tea, which has been reported to have anticancer properties and to raise levels of antioxidants in the blood that may ward off heart disease, now appears to have the pote (MORE)

Is green tea green?

Sometimes! There are three separate answers. Color of Loose Leaf Tea: Most, but not all green tea has a green-colored loose leaf. The color varies widely by variety. Gunpowd (MORE)

What makes green tea green?

The plants that are picked are green. Once they are dried, then added to tea, the water is stained green.
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Is green tea herbal tea?

Yes, it is best one tea that can help to reduce your weight and  increase your energy, Green Weight Loss Tea is presently a  considerable measure more than just a refreshmen (MORE)