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Where did Grover Cleveland live as a child?

Grover was born in Caldwell, New Jersey. When he four, the family  moved to Fayetteville, New York where he lived until he was 13 when  they moved to Clinton, NY. When he wa (MORE)

Is Cleveland Ohio named after Grover Cleveland?

No. Cleveland , Ohio was named for Gen. Moses Cleaveland who headed the party that surveyed the area and laid out plans to develop the city in 1796, The spelling of changed in (MORE)

Was Grover Cleveland assassinated?

President Grover Cleveland was not assassinated. He died of Heart  Attack after he left the Presidency. The Four Assassinated  Presidents are: Abraham Lincoln, James Garfiel (MORE)

Who was the US President after Grover Cleveland?

Benjamin Harrison was the US President after Grover Cleveland's first term. William McKinley was the US President after Grover Cleveland's second term. Benjamin Harrison was (MORE)

Who was Grover Cleveland?

Grover Cleveland Grover Cleveland was the American president in the late 19th Century ... twice. He was both the Twenty-Second (22nd) President (1885-1889) and the Twenty- (MORE)

Is Grover Cleveland on a dollar bill?

  No. Cleveland was on the US $1000 bill, but it is not now in circulation. The largest US bill in circulation now is the $100 bill. Washington is on the $! bill.
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