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How can you do your hair?

That's a really broad question... I't depends on what the occasion is. You can make waves with a curling iron, shirly temple curls, beach curls, braid it, straighten it, crimp (MORE)

Who is Hair?

nobody is hair. hair grows on the top of your head, some people dont have hair on their head, this means there bald > Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical ; see lin (MORE)
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Where can you get hair?

You can get human hair at any wig store. If you want hair extensions you can get them at a beauty supply store such as Chatters
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How do i get hairs?

Body hair grows throughout puberty and will continue right up until you're 21 for intimate hair. If you're a boy, chest and stomach hair start growing as late as your 20's!
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Why do have hair?

Hair deals mainly with heat. The brain is particularly sensitive to heat. Hair on the skin can trap air to keep heat in, or keep perspiration near the skin to take heat as it (MORE)
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What can you do for your hair?

Some time wash it and brush to make it clean. Your hair have to look beautiful and you have to take care of every day.
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How do you get this hair?

I am a boy who is a somali i have white men hair if you want to get the hair first,try keeping your hair washed with shamppo everyday,comb it ,when your hair is long idk
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What is hair-?

The official definition of the word hair is "any of the finethreadlike strands growing from the skin of humans, mammals, andsome other animals."
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Why do we have hair?

because in the first world war the Chinese spies grew hair so they could camouflage. This is a perfect example of an adaptation to survive.