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Is hair color good for your hair?

This depends on the hair color itself. There are some hair color products that will correct mistakes that has been done to your hair. Without any of these items if you get a b (MORE)

How hair color damages the hair?

Hair dye from the grocery store is damaging in a way that the minerals and "dyes" you get in a box color are harsh on your hair's natural structure. The color at a salon is (MORE)

How can hair dye damage your hair?

The cream dye mixture makes the hair shaft swell to accept the color and process further. Certain ingredients that do this are metallic lead and bismuth citrate --- and in pro (MORE)
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What does hair do?

Mainly, it keeps you warm.   because it's pretty(sometimes)   It traps heat in the body when it's cold and lets heat out when it's warm.   --------------------------- (MORE)

How do you apply hair creme to hair?

You always want to make sure your hair is damp, not totally dripping wet, but still wet. You want to first turn over and scrunch your hair with out any product. Then you what (MORE)
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Is hair spray bad for your hair?

If the hair spray has a high alcohol content, it can dry out the hair if used excessively and may fade hair color. Try using a professional brand if you experience this.
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How does hair dye stay in hair?

there are 3 layers of the hair the outside layer is clear and is called the cuticle and it protects the inside the cortex and it holds the color of the hair hair color swells/ (MORE)

Can you die hair after a hair transplant?

There is no contraindication to the harm for coloring your hair and  having a hair dyeing procedure. You can color your hair before your  procedure or after once the healing (MORE)