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How do you do your hair?

Curls are beautiful especially if you have a heart shaped face. Straightened hair looks really nice to if you have a heart shaped face you can also crimp it curl it put it in (MORE)

What is hair?

Hair is the long, thin and soft stuff that grows in many places onyour body. . It is that and also much more. Hair is dead cells. Up to 5%,hair is elastic. This is due to th (MORE)

How do you get the hair you get?

well if your mom or dad deside they would like to cut it when you are young without your desision, it will be short for a long time. it they deside you will be with no haircut (MORE)

What can you do with your hair?

well...with my hair i normally leave it down and natural...but it depends on the hair...i have really really long,straight, naturally blonde hair...the most you can do is to t (MORE)
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What is in a hair?

there is 3 sections to hair 1. cuticle (outer part) 2. cortex 3. medulla (center)
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What does hair do?

Mainly, it keeps you warm.. because it's pretty(sometimes). It traps heat in the body when it's cold and lets heat out when it's warm.. ------------------------------------ (MORE)
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How do you get in your hair?

Look inside your split ends, is the only way i can think of. Or if you have long hair, flip your hair in front of your face. Then voila. You're inside your hair lol
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What is in hair?

Hair has many different things in it. Hair dye, hair spray, gel? Anything you could think of. But hair is made out of dead skin cells and other dead cells. Think of it as "ren (MORE)
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Why does it has hair?

Something might have hair because it is a mammal, or because of a medical condition. Can you please specify? What or who do you mean by the word 'it' in your sentence?