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Can a rehab place not hand over a person with a warrant out for their arrest?

they do not have to tell the authorities that the person is seeking treatment in their facility nor confirm they know of said person. The only exception is a federal warrant. (MORE)

Why do elderly people with dementia clench their hands into fists until they get contractures?

  Contractures happen when a person, especially the elderly, become physically inactive over long periods of time. Muscle fibers start to break down several months before (MORE)
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Is hand passing over the net a fault in volleyball?

no it is not against the rules. It is only a fault if your hand touches the net , the net bounces and and interfers with the play. Actually, reaching over the net a little is (MORE)
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What does you cannot shake hands with a clenched fist mean?

The meaning of "You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist" isthat you cannot hold anger when trying to compromise or make peacewith the other people. A clenched fist is a si (MORE)

Making money hand over fist?

Making money hand over fist is an idiom that dates back to early  sailors. They would pull in their catches using a "hand over fist"  method to reel the traps or lines in fr (MORE)

Can you hand turn the engine to turn over?

yes you can you have to use a socket on the crankshaft bolt and turn in the dirtection of the engine would run in
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Why is the hand over-over-hand method the best?

What are you talking about? Rope climbing, some form of swimming exercise. There were a number of more or less science-fiction radio dramas made during the war that got into r (MORE)