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What position did Hank Aaron play?

Hank Aaron was primarily an right fielder although he also played some second base and third base early in his career and some first base and left field late in his career.
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Did Hank Aaron have both parents?

I can guarantee you Hank had two biological parents, one female and one male. I will assume you mean did he grow up with both his parents living in at home with him. I would t (MORE)

Did Hank Aaron have kids?

Yes, he had 6 children he had A daughter named Ceci from his 2nd marriage and then from his first marriage he had another 5 children with the names Gary, Hankie, Larry, Dorind (MORE)

What is the value of a Hank Aaron autograph?

Hank Aaron Autograph Values . A Hank Aaron single signed baseball is worth about $200. - $250 Signatures will vary in price based on condition , the type of authenticity (MORE)

Did Hank Aaron die?

As of June 27, 2008 Hank Aaron is still very much alive. He is 74 years old..
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About Hank Aaron?

Hank Aaron was a Major League Baseball right fielder from 1954  through 1976 with Atlanta Braves. He was affectionately known as  "Hammer.

Why did Hank Aaron get traded to the Brewers?

He wasn't. Aaron was released by the Braves after the 1974 season  because of his age, he was 40, and signed as a free agent with the  Brewers where he played one season bef (MORE)