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What is the significance of the Y-chromosome and of mitochondrial DNA?

The Y chromosome affects the gender of a baby, the combinations can be XX (female) and XY (male). Mitochondrial DNA is inherited from the mother and codes for the energy-produ (MORE)
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What race is haplogroup e1b1a8a?

E1b1a8a is a Y-DNA Haplogroup which is most common in West-central Africa (Nigeria, Benin, Cameroon). Tribes associated to be carriers of this haplogroup e.g the Yoruba, Edo, (MORE)
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What race is haplogroup e1b1a7a?

My E1b1a7a also known as E1b1a1a1f1a1 (YCC E1b1a7a) is defined by P252/U174. It seems the most common subclade of E-L485. It is believed that originate from or have a geneti (MORE)
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Where can you combine human DNA with animal DNA?

More on this   Biological medicines are designed to mimic certain 'naturally' occurring proteins that, when used therapeutically, interrupt signaling of the immune system (MORE)

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Who do you inherit your mitochondrial DNA from?

You inherit your Mitochondrial DNA from your mother. However, you inherit your DNA from both parents. Although you could have a larger percentage from one parent than the othe (MORE)
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Mixing animal DNA with human DNA?

Some people ask can you mix human and animal dna. My answer is yes you could. As long a you took thprocedure slowly and combined the dna one step and small amount at a time it (MORE)
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What is unusual about mitochondrial DNA?

The code is slightly different. Mitochondrial DNA is a loop of DNA that manufactures RNA, UGA is usually a stop codon, but in the mtDNA of many organisms it is translated as t (MORE)
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What will damage in mitochondrial DNA have the most effect on?

Damage in mitochondrial DNA will have the most effect on cellular  respiration. This is due to the fact that the surface area will be  damaged.
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