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How did Jane Goodall contribute to society?

Jane Goodall is known for her studies of chimpanzees. In 1977, she established the Jane Goodall Institution (JGI) to support the Gombe research. She is a global leader in the (MORE)

Where did Jane Goodall get married?

Jane Goodall married twice actually. She first married a Dutch nobleman Baron Hugo van Lawick on March 28, 1964 at Chelsea Old Church, London. Sadly the divorced 10 years late (MORE)

What awards did Jane Goodall receive?

1963-64 Franklin Burr Award for Contribution to Science,  National Geographic Society   1970 Stott Science Award, Cambridge University   1974 Gold Medal for Conservat (MORE)

When did Jane Goodall start research?

she started research at the age of 19 when her life dream was starting to happen. she then went to Kenya to visit a girlfriend. even though she had loved animals before she ev (MORE)

How does Jane Goodall dress?

When Jane Goodall is in action she mostly wears a khaki cotton button up Tshirt and cotton khaki shorts with either heel converse or jungle sandles. These days Jane often wear (MORE)

What awards did Jane Goodall win?

Jane Goodall has won several major awards for her work. Some of  these include the Kyoto Prize in 1990, the Hubbard Medal in 1995,  the Tyler Prize for Environmental Achieve (MORE)

What were Jane Goodalls achievements?

Jane won many awards in many different countries such as Tanzania, Japan, France, and the United States. She also founded the Jane Goodall Institute for Wildlife Research, Edu (MORE)