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Why is there jaundice when you have hepatitis a?

The liver becomes less capable of removing a substance called bilirubin from the body. Bilirubin is a yellow-pigmented substance that forms from the break down of red blood ce (MORE)

What does jaundice indicate?

Jaundice (a build up of waste product known as bilirubin from the break breakdown and removal of iron from haemoglobin in blood cells) indicates that the person suffering from (MORE)

Location of jaundice?

Answer . Jaundice is symptom of a liver disease or a problem with red blood cells breaking down too fast, e.g. with malaria.. Jaundice is seen on the skin and mucosal surf (MORE)

How can you get jaundice?

it has to do with a certain food being time temp abused. Jaundice harm your liver. First symptoms of it will be disorder of liver. You will be affected jaundice mainly if yo (MORE)

What is prehepatic Jaundice and posthepatic jaundice?

Pre-hepatic jaundice is jaundice that originates from a problem before the liver. The main example of this is haemolysis - when excess red blood cells are broken down. One o (MORE)

How does the jaundice spread?

  yes A person who has jaundice may pass on the infection unknowingly. For instance, if you visit your friend and she passed you food, then you can get the infection thr (MORE)

Can a dog get jaundice?

Yes - dogs can get jaundice. The main causes of jaundice are an excess breakdown of red blood cells (pre-hepatic jaundice), a problem preventing hepatocytes (liver cells) fr (MORE)