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What guitar does Jimi Hendrix use?

He is most known for using Fender Stratocaster, but he also used Gibson Flying V's as well as others. Jimi Hendrix used Fender Stratocasters. He owned many different models (MORE)

Who was Jimi Hendrix?

Johnny Allen Hendrix was born on November 27 1942 in Seattle Washington to James Allen "Al" Hendrix and Lucille Jeter. At the age of 3 Al Hendrix changed Johnny Allen Hendrix (MORE)

Why did Jimi Hendrix go to jail?

"Jimi Hendrix was arrested at Toronto International Airport airport in May 1969 after customs inspectors found heroin and hashish in his luggage. Hendrix, who claimed the drug (MORE)

Did Jimi Hendrix have any children?

Jimi Hendrix had at least 2 children. He had a daughter who was  born in 1966 called Tamika Laurence James. He also had a son called  James Daniel Sundqvist who was born in (MORE)

What is the difference between Jimi Hendrix and The Jimi Hendrix Experience?

  The "Jimi Hendrix Experience" was a band created by Chas Chandler which was focussed on Jimi Hendrix to give him the means to get his music out to the people, with Mitch (MORE)

Did Jimi Hendrix record crossroads?

There's rumor of a rare recording of Hendrix combining "Crossroads" with "Red House", but none that I've been able to find. The original "Crossroad Blues" was recorded and rel (MORE)

Does jimi Hendrix live in Seattle?

Jimi Hendrix is dead now (has been since 1970), but before he enrolled in the US army, (early 60s) he lived in Seattle with his family. He returned briefly a couple times duri (MORE)