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How tall was Jimi Hendrix?

Hendrix was about 5'11'' . He usually looks taller because of his Afro and miniscule band mates! He looked tall and people always described him as a tall man.
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How many albums did Jimi Hendrix have?

There were only four official albums released in his lifetime. They were: Are You Experienced (1967) Axis: Bold As Love (1967) Electric Ladyland (1968) and Band Of Gyp (MORE)

Why was Jimi Hendrix influential?

  Hendrix was a master of the guitar. Anybody can play fast, but it takes a real musician to incorporate soul into their playing, which Hendrix did better than most anyone (MORE)

What is the difference between Jimi Hendrix and The Jimi Hendrix Experience?

  The "Jimi Hendrix Experience" was a band created by Chas Chandler which was focussed on Jimi Hendrix to give him the means to get his music out to the people, with Mitch (MORE)

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Who owns jimi Hendrix music?

It's the Hendrix family who gained control in 1994 and then licensed it to MCA Recordings.
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Where did jimi Hendrix play?

most noteably... Monteray festival, woodstock, berkeley, Isle of wight, And in new york with the band of gypsies
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