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What rhymes with Josephine?

There are no perfect rhymes for "Josephine", but here are some end rhymes that might work: 1. aberdevine 2. abietine 3. aborigine 4. acacine 5. acalycine 6. acanthine 7 (MORE)

Why did josephine baker change her name?

Josephine Baker technically did not really change her name. Her original name was Freda McDonald. Josephine went by her middle name which was Josephine. Her last name changed (MORE)

How many children did Josephine Baker adopt?

Josephine Baker adopted 12 children and they were called the rainbow children. Here are their names and where they were originally from: Aiko (Korea) Luis (Colombia) Janot (J (MORE)

Love story of Napoleon and Josephine?

Napoleon's greatest love would come from the Caribbean island of Martinique. Napoleon never went there, but this woman's father, Joseph Gaspard Tascher de la Pagerie, owned a (MORE)
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Why was josephine butler important?

because she changed the history of women and how they were treated. she also opened the ladies assosiation which supported all women in the u.k and spent 21 years of her life (MORE)

Who was German spy Josephine Heinz?

Josephine Heinze seems to be just an excuse for Stalin to "clean"  the Elites in the Sowjet Army during The Great Terror. One of them  for example was General Tuchatschewski (MORE)