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What is leather?

Leather is the tanned hide/skin of any animal. The skins are removed and put through a highly complex chemical process that turns the skin into a non perishable product - leat (MORE)

Where do get leather?

You can purchase it from leather supply stores or order it online. One good website that has wholesale leather and tools to work it with is:
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Is action leather real leather?

I would think that it isn't, because if it were it would most likely say "genuine leather," action leather is probably synthetic/modified, or something of that nature.
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Is chrome leather real leather?

Yes, it gets that name from the chromium compounds are used in the tanning process. Many countries have banned the use of hexavalent chromium in this process because of the ad (MORE)

What is manmade leather real leather?

Technically there is no such thing as manmade leather as 'leather' can only be made from the tanned skins and hides of animals. Manmade leather generally refers to a vinyl or (MORE)

Is upper leather real leather?

When a pair of shoes says that the upper is leather, it means that the top part of the shoe is leather and the sole is man made. There is nothing that is called upper leather. (MORE)